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Accurate Conceptions offers Accounting, Finance and Information Technology consulting services. We have proven performance in delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Informaton Technology

Records Management

Categorizing, Indexing, and preserving records are just the beginning.
We streamline agency data access using our expertise and performance in document archiving, retrieval, data migration, and data entry.

Project Management

Applying knowledge, skills, professionalism is the first step to meeting your requirements.
We cover your needs at every phase with start-to-finish project oversight and expert staff.

Data Migration

Accuracy and attention to detail are imperative when translating data from one format to another.
We can build entirely new systems, or preserve information from legacy systems.

System Analysis

Performing feasibility analysis of business applications integration of business process to maximize productivity and efficiency.
We streamline applications functionality to incorporate standard business practices and procedures.

System Development

Develop custom software applications that interface with custom hardware.
We analyze your current environment and develop a system with a user-interface specific to your needs.

Accounting and Finance

Recovery Audits

Reconciliation conducted to discover over payment and/or underpayment of customer accounts is a must in any agency or company.

Accounting Services

Proper reporting of financial transactions is critical during financial statement preparation.
We validate accounts to ensure correct revenue and expense general ledgers are used.

Budgeting Services

Proper planning early in the year is the best way to run your organization.
We prepare annual budgets by performing strategic trend analysis of prior fiscal years.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Monthly financial review and analysis of accounts provides management with crucial information.
We prepare and analyze income and expense reports to ensure financial quality assurance.